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Wendi Yan is a new media artist concerned with the idea and experience of the edges of the self. She primarily works with 3d software and interactive technologies to build aesthetic experiences based on her reflections of the self in societies. In addition, she studies history of science with certificates in architecture and engineering, and cognitive science at Princeton University.

Career Highlights


Published an original research on the awe-inspiring elements in architectural spaces, integrating thoughts from positive psychology, architecture, aesthetics and neuroscience, in the Conscious Cities Anthology 2019.


  • Did a weaving artist residency at Oaxaca, Mexico, through The Arquetopia Foundation
  • Accepted into The Arctic Circle Art & Science residency; will be traveling with scientists to the arctic circle in 2021
  • Became a part of the inaugural class of interns at The Independent Filmmaker Project
  • Designed and illustrated for the web anthology of the Bay Area-based Qualia Research Institute on consciousness research, through the integration of neuroscience, math, and philosophy. The finished web book is coming out in the summer of 2020


IN RESIDENCY MAY 28 2020- JUNE 17 2020

Recent Awards



National YoungArts Foundation – Honorable Mention in Visual Arts


Scholastic Art and Writing Awards – Gold Medal in Art, Top 2 State Art



Feel the Vibe


What am I doing?

For this residency, I am creating a web experience about my reflections on the belief in reality and the action of looking at someone’s life during the months of the still ongoing quarantine. As a Chinese student in the US, I have found myself stuck in the historical current at a height of the international tension between China and the US which took away my power to know where in the world I could be, literally, in the near future, all the while dealing with the slow dehumanization of quarantine in cities I have never been. Incorporating 3D modeling, web design, projection and video art, I will create a web experience mirroring my mental journey of losing my grip on the external reality and desiring to be seen.


How can you be a part of it?


My project will take its form primarily as a website, which I will provide the link to at the end of my residency.  For the best viewing experience, please activate my art through a laptop or desktop computer. click button below to watch

Looking At You
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