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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get inside the mind of an artist?  Imagine entering a home that encapsulates the artist’s creative vision and immersing yourself for a night or three.  


Asheville Stay is collaborating with select creators accepted through our application process. The Artist in Residence will infuse the living space with their artistic work and you are invited to book a stay and have an immersive experience within an interactive installation.


Asheville Stay handles the business of bookings so that the Artist can focus on their creativity. Guests purchasing creative works or booking a stay will directly support the Artist.


Kira Bursky

In 2009 award-winning filmmaker Kira Bursky founded her production company All Around Artsy. She has produced over 60 films and music videos that have screened at festivals around the world from Los Angeles to Berlin, and even China. Her YouTube channel has over 30,000+ subscribers and 14 million+ views.





recognized as a National YoungArts finalist


selected as the Best Emerging Female Filmmaker at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth

finalist in the White House Student Film Festival where Kira had the honor of screening her work in the White House.


directed two short films for Polish-fashion eyewear company Massada Eyewear


featured in Seventeen Magazine as the April Power Girl and received the Emerging Artist to Watch grant through Le Couvent artist residency in France


Kira has served as a guest speaker and juror for film festivals across the U.S. Her work has been featured through Out, Pride and NoFilmSchool. She is currently developing the script for her first feature film.



Grand Prix Award – Berlin Liberi Film Festival

(Berlin, Germany, December 2018)

Carolina Stomp 

Best Music Video & Best Editing – Music Video Asheville

(Asheville, NC – April 2019)


Best Experimental Film – Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival

(PA, April 2019)


Pocket Pistol Award – Filmplaya

(LA, September 2018)

She Was Once Distant 

Best Film, Best Cinematography and Best Directing – Asheville 48 Hour Film

(Asheville, NC, July 2018)

Close to the Window 

Audience Choice – PlanetWhy

(China, April 2018) – film reached about 1.35 million views on Chinese streaming platforms in 2 weeks

kira bursky

In residency June 2019-June 2020

feel the vibe.

Hello there! My name is Kira! Lovely to ‘meet’ you. I’m so delighted to invite you to collaborate with me and Asheville Stay!


What am I doing?

During my year stay I plan to transform the living space into an interactive installation.  I will be experimenting with projection art with the ultimate goal of crafting an other-wordly, surreal environment that feels like entering a different dimension beyond our traditional “reality.”  This is all a part of my artistic process for the creation of my first feature film! This is the year of following dreams. Exciting times!


How can you be a part of it?

You can enter into my artistic universe by staying at City Centre Loft! I travel for projects often (most recently Puerto Rico as well as Colombia, South America for creative inspiration and Virginia to guest speak at a film festival!) and when I’m away, my space is open to you! I’ll leave little magical messages to you and you’ll have the chance to be immersed in my work-in-progress installation. The amazing thing is, by choosing to stay here (on top of the fact that the space is incredibly fantastic) you will be directly supporting my artistic endeavors. Half of the revenue generated goes back to me, so thank you so much in advance!


Want to be in your own movie?

As a part of my residency, I’m offering guests the chance to have a professional creative photo + video shoot during your stay.  If interested, please reach out in advance so we can schedule with you and discuss rates and possibilities. “Anything is possible” – this is the motto I live by!


I exist to experience magic in all of it’s strange, unexpected, whimsical ways. I hope to share a sprinkle, a dash and a dollop of magic with you during your stay in Asheville.

Behind the Scenes Award-Winning She Once Was Distant

She Once Was Distant behind the scenes at the City Centre Loft

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