“Touching, joyful, effervescent and a good reminder of the power art can have to transform space – both internal and external, physical and mental. Kira’s message is at once deeply personal and widely accessible. Her vision is shared without holding anything back. She is generous and giving of beauty, with a keen playful eye for dimensions of space, color, sound and light. This show will surely captivate even the most jaded of souls.”

Cori Anderson

Associate Director

Cultural Events & Community Engagement

UNC Asheville

“A stunning exploration of an artist’s journey from the depths of depression to unearthing infinity, Kira’s installation is as visually remarkable as it is emotionally stirring.”

Madeleine Richardson

Founder of Cat Fly Film Festival

“Bursky is just 23 years old, but the Asheville filmmaker is already on a trajectory to becoming one of America’s most incisive and distinctive auteurs.”

Matt Peiken

Arts Producer


“Sharing art with an audience is a vulnerable experience — especially when that work is raw and personal. And when the venue for public viewing is also the artist’s living space, it adds an extra level of poignancy and exposure. Considerations of Infinity, an immersive video installation by local filmmaker Kira Bursky is just that: intimate, revealing and set within Bursky’s downtown Asheville apartment.”

Alli Marshall

Editor/Writer Mountain Xpress

“As lovers of art, theatre, film, and the human experience my family attended your opening with great excitement! What we found was an impactful sensory experience that enabled our most vulnerable family member, a 14 year old girl, to connect with her own personal experiences of anxiety, depression, and spirt and discuss them with great relief that she is not alone in her feelings.  As a family we are more connected from YOUR art and openness- my most sincere thanks is extended for touching our hearts.”

Elise F


“Considerations of Infinity was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Getting completely immersed in the artwork (and the mind) of Kira Bursky was a truly unique experience. I can’t wait to collaborate with Vibe of Asheville for the 2020 Connect Beyond Festival.”

Jessica Tomasin

Founder of Connect Beyond Fest

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