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“Enter the Temple”

29 April 2022



LitHERotica presents ENTER the TEMPLE: a once-in-a lifetime, first of its kind nightlife performance that takes you and your body – your first temple – on a sensually enlivening and spiritually enriching journey. Enjoy a host of “Prayer-formances” that combine theater, dance,and sensuality happening 360 degrees all around you throughout the luxurious outdoor spaces of Haiku I Do in Asheville. An indoor erotic storytelling hour follows with a DJ dance party and the evening ends with a sensual sound immersion. The second half of the evening is a sensual storytelling hour, dance party and sound immersion. Come for an upgraded date night or with a group of friends for an unforgettable celebration of the senses. Prayerformances include: Tantric Eating Ritual, Fire Ceremony, Ritual Dance Performance, Conscious Touch Transmission, Goddess Anointments and so much more. Erotic storytelling by Judy Calabrese and special guests.

“Looking at You”

1 Aug 2020

Looking At You is a web experience about the artist’s inner journey with the particular loneliness augmented by the ongoing pandemic and increasing hostility between the two nations she considers home. Combining 3d modeling, experimental video, animation, projection and text, Wendi made a web “film” that chronicles the questions she’s been asking herself and the reconciliation she reached towards the end of her residency and her time quarantining alone: “how have my escapist activities intensified my loneliness? How can I stay connected with reality if I am only interacting with others through screens? What do we do if it is fundamentally impossible for humans to feel complete empathy for others?” Looking At You was created alongside nights of musings on these questions. Through this short experience, Wendi invites the audience to join her in thinking about loneliness in this isolating time, and she hopes this work could help some feel a bit less alone.

For a better experience, the artist recommends you open the project link at night on a laptop or desktop.

click button below to watch

Looking At You

“Considerations of Infinity”

18 November 2019 – 1 July 2020

Open Exhibit Nights

7 Shows – second Wednesday of each month from December 2019-June 2020
Winter: 7:00-9:00pm
Spring: 8:30-10:30pm
Summer: 9:00-11:00pm

Experience the installation during our open evening hours. There may be whimsical one-time only happenings… you never know what’s going to happen next when you enter the infinity.

 Immersive Night

January 25, 2020

A magical experience for a small group of individuals to be immersed in a one-night-only surreal explosion of artistry all taking place within the “Considerations of Infinity” film installation created by award-winning filmmaker Kira Bursky. Six respected WNC visual artists will be creating original works inspired by the installation within the 2.5-hour event. Composer Robert Gowan will be creating a live soundscape as the character of Collective Consciousness roams the room.

Throughout the evening, a 5-course bite flight created by food stylist Michele Gentille, paired with cocktails created by Kris Kraft (founder of Asheville Cocktail Week). The menu will be an avant garde creation inspired by the installation. The entire evening will be documented and will become a part of the official Considerations of Infinity documentary film which will premiere at Connect Beyond Fest in April.

The collaborating visual artists Gillian Maurer, Elizabeth Evey, Marcos Martinez, Dillon Endico, Bonnie Currie and Elena Corradino.

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity. Only 15 tickets are available at $125/ticket.

Considerations of Infinity Film Festival 

April 2020 – date TBA

A one night film festival showcasing 2 hours of international reality-bending, metaphysical, art-centric, experimental films.

Film Premiere + Gallery Opening 

April, 2020 TBA

A metaphysical night of premiering the 15-minute (approx.) documentary about the making of the installation, within the installation itself. This will be paired with a showing of the six completed pieces of art that were created during the Immersive Night. 

Closing Night Tea Party

June 6, 2020

A closing night party to reflect on the journey of the installation. Come join us for a meditative goodbye to the installation. There will be tea provided and served by Dobra.

Stay Overnight in the Installation

Book a stay!

For 7 months people will have the opportunity to rent out the installation to live within! Sleep beneath portals, cook eggs while staring into the never-ending expanse of this reality, brush your teeth while gazing into the eyes of collective consciousness… 




VIP First Look

November 17, 2019

An exclusive event for sponsors and press only. Sponsors and their guests will enjoy a first look at the installation.   

For press interested in attending, please send us an email to to RSVP.

Installation Opening

November 18, 2019

The official opening night of the installation.  

You’re invited to Considerations of Infinity, an immersive installation that combines film x art x tech and explores the cathartic creative process of the installation itself. Local award-winning filmmaker Kira Bursky has collaborated with Asheville Stay’s artist residency program Vibe of Asheville to create the surreal experience within a living space.

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